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I Wrote a short love story about how my two OC's From Final Fantasy XIV discovered that they were in love

Hope you enjoy it!

"For the love of the twelve put a shirt on!" exclaimed Nadine, as Noria walked out from the bathroom still dripping a little from the shower.


"Why, we're both women here its not like you like it or anything," Noria responded quirkly

Jabbing a finger at the air pointing at Noria, Nadine replied "You don't know that, I don't recall ever making my sexual orientation known to you. For all you know, You could just be making my day"

Sitting then lying on the bed next to Nadine, while Nadine sat on the edge of the foot of the bed, "ok lets just say you did play for the other team, Im not even your type, so stop playing around, no one Besides a rowdy overly obnoxious Roegadyn burley man would want anything to do with my bulky busty self"

Turning to face Noria who is now sitting up right against the headboard or the wall Nadine responds with a bit of a softer tone "I wouldn't say you were not my type, there are plenty of people who would want you!"

A slight smile as if amused crossed Noria's face, "Oh yea? And what about me would tickle little miss sky captain's fancy then eh?"

Getting comfortable by laying her stomach and propping her head up with her hands and elbows Nadine says "Well aside from the little known social tidbits about you. You're honest to a fault, everything you do you make look so heroic with the straight face you've got on all the time. Even tho you look fierce and intimidating, your warm and comforting, for the longest time since you found me is a kitten I have always been able to count on you, and even with all the trouble I get us into, you're always there until the end of whatever scrupulous adventure we happen to be on. Your mind is sharp as a tack and you know lots about nearly everything there is to know about! You never turn your back on anyone in need regardless of how it may affect you. You're so super tall you can probably more of the horizon than I can, you have such a stoic, wise, and beautiful face with fiery red sparkly eyes, I could stare into all day. Not to mention those knock out mammaries you've got strapped to the chest of yours. You're my best Friend Noria so whats not to love!"

Looking at Nadines goofy smiling face, almost in tears "That is the nicest thing anyone has ever hypothetically said to me in my enrite hypothetical life,"

Nadine pushes herself upright, and raises to meet Noria's gaze "What if I wasn't pretending?"

With a bit a a quivering breath Noria sounds like shes tyring to be sarcastic "well then I would have to kiss you…" Before she could finish her sentence Noria's gaze met Nadine's, they sat there a moment gazing into what felt like a whole new world for them.

"Noria….I, Your Captain, Nadine Nashimi, Do Love you. I Love you Noria with all my heart,"

Now Nadine was standing on her knees forehead to forehead with Noria who was still in sitting position on the bed so they had as close to matching heights as possible

Their arms wrapped around eachother in a loving embrace.

"I Love you too, captain, you pain the ass incompetent goofball of a captain, I Love you too!"

While still embracing they pulled their heads back or another peek into their worlds an then, the lips locked into what felt like the most longing kiss either of them have ever had.


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